Ben Cable Shines as Best Actor at THE BUDDHA Film Festival

Ben Cable Shines as Best Actor at THE BUDDHA Film Festival

The skilled actor known for his portrayals of socially relevant film topics sets forth his international reputation with a riveting performance in “Everything I Could.”

June 6, 2023, Los Angeles, California – Accomplished actor Ben Cable has received the esteemed Best Actor award at THE BUDDHA International Film Festival in Pune, India, in recognition of his exceptional performance in the poignant short film “Everything I Could.” The festival, which is known for recognizing excellence in cinema, has honored Cable’s extraordinary talent and breakout performance. This distinction solidifies his reputation as a brilliant and socially conscious actor of his generation.

Ben Cable expressed his gratitude for this accolade saying, “I am honored for all the recognition this short film has garnished and thank THE BUDDHA International Film Festival for this award. Mental illness knows no borders, speaks no language, and respects no cultural boundaries. It is a universal struggle that unites humanity in its fragility, reminding us that compassion and understanding must prevail over stigmatization and silence.”

Cable’s extraordinary ability to breathe life into socially relevant film topics sets him apart from his contemporaries. His portrayals are characterized by a profound understanding of the human condition, enabling viewers to empathize with the characters and the issues they confront. In the short film “Everything I Could,” Cable’s powerful depiction of a father attempting to explain his wife’s mental illness to his daughter struck a chord with audiences and garnered widespread acclaim.

THE BUDDHA International Film Festival, a top-rated advocate for social change, embraces cultural diversity and understanding among nations. Cable’s shared vision and passion for addressing societal issues resonate deeply with the festival’s commitment to impactful storytelling, amplifying the significance of the award.

Alongside the recognition received at THE BUDDHA International Film Festival, Ben Cable’s exceptional talent was also honored at the Agropoli International Film Festival in Italy in February 2023, where he won the Best Actor Short award for “Everything I Could.” Cable’s ability to captivate both audiences and critics demonstrates his unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of acting excellence, positioning him as an inspirational figure for aspiring artists and filmmakers.

About Ben Cable: Ben Cable is a talented actor and author who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. With over three dozen movies, music videos, and shorts in his portfolio, Cable’s performances consistently tackle socially relevant themes. His award-winning short films, including “Everything I Could” and “Don’t Be Afraid – The 01:34 Movie,” have garnered attention at independent film festivals worldwide. In addition to acting, Cable portrayed the father in the music video “I CRY” by artist Stitches, which has received over 1.4 million views on YouTube. With the publication of his children’s book, “Mrs. Fuzzy,” Cable showcases his creative versatility and commitment to inspiring audiences of all ages.

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