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Mrs. Fuzzy

Embark on the heartwarming journey of Mrs. Fuzzy in Ben Cable’s children’s book by the same name. “Mrs. Fuzzy” is Cable’s introduction to the sweet older woman who has the unique ability to communicate with the animals that live near her cottage. Ben Cable’s storytelling enchantment will leave an impression on the hearts and minds of all who enter Mrs. Fuzzy’s world.

The second book, “The Adventures of Mrs. Fuzzy” takes readers to a new level as Mrs. Fuzzy and her friends bring you along with mysteries and adventures including the blueberry pie mystery and fire danger. “The
Adventures of Mrs. Fuzzy,” stories can be read out of order and have alternative endings for the reader.

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The small town of Mystic is brimming with dark secrets and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. The unassuming town featuring landmarks such as the Mystic Bridge, Stonington High School and Mystic Pizza has managed to keep its fair share of enigmas under cover until Sophia shows up. She is the 17-year-old daughter of a detective and loves mystery. 

Follow Sophie as she encounters life-threatening danger while trying to find answers surrounding her mother’s death.

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For more information about Ben Cable and the “Sophie Mystery”  visit

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Ben Cable – Actor

Actor Ben Cable was featured in over three dozen movies, music videos, and shorts in three years between 2017 and 2023. Ben is known for his portrayals of socially relevant film topics. His short films Everything I Could and Don’t Be Afraid – The 01:34 Movie won awards at independent film festivals globally.

In 2022, Ben Cable won Best Actor by SAS Movie Studio, DRUK International Film Festival, WUIFF International Film Festival, Future of Films Awards, Beyond Border International Film Festival, Luis Bunuel Memorial Awards, and L’Age D’or International Arthouse Film Festival.

Ben Cable is known for portraying the Father in the music video by Stitches’ I CRY, with over 5.1 million views, Kiefer Sutherland’s Official Video, Something You Love (2019), and Band of Horses’ Official Music Video, In Need of Repair (2021)

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